Belizean Dreams

belizean dreams sunrise

To quote one of my favorite fictional characters… and possibly my favorite show of all time, “the world is a very big place, and I’ve seen very little of it”- Leslie Knope, Parks & Rec.

I occasionally repeat this phrase to CJ, and I’m quite positive that every time I do he feels his wallet burn a hole through his pocket. Though, if we don’t make a habit of etching time out of our busy lives for new experiences and adventures, how will we ever know that it’s “ok” to do that in our future years? With each new city, state or country we visit, I believe we come back a little more seasoned (in a good way of course). Each person and culture we encounter engages and teaches us something different. We are able to see the world through another’s eyes, and perhaps change our own personal views as a result.

The above picture was taken the last morning while on our honeymoon at Belizean Dreams in Hopkins, Belize. While a “luxury resort”, the quaint, intimate setting is the perfect place for couples who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of other major resort locations. Belize is near and dear to my heart, as I have visited the country several times. This particular trip was extra special as I got to spend it with the love of my life at a place that truly made it feel as if we were right at home. The staff was brilliant in every way, and by our second day, they had all learned our names and were making it their mission to exceed our expectations. We laughed, smiled, and danced with them nearly every single day… and night for that matter. The crew at Belizean Dreams were incredible, and they truly helped make our honeymoon better than we could have ever imagined. By our final day I was trying to persuade CJ that it was absolutely necessary for us to return the following year (I of course still believe this to be true, and would go back in a heartbeat). We will 100% return, it’s just a matter of when…

Even at a resort as luxurious as Belizean Dreams we were able to experience the culture and learn from the crew. My hope is that CJ and I (and others for that matter) are able to go into every new travel destination or adventure with an open heart and open mind to learn from the people we encounter. Lucky for me, my husband knows no stranger, so I often get to sit back and enjoy the company.

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